Returning West



Muriwai and Maori Bay are undoubtedly beautiful. Beauty mixed with the powerful raw energy of thundering waves, gritted rocks and to the north, towering sand dunes give endless possibilities of discovering new images every time you venture there. 


The rugged cliffs of Maori bay that tower this short beach on either side give immense scale to this rugged, wind swept beach. Take a short walk past the thriving gannet colony and you are at Muriwai, often it looks as if there is no end to it as the horizon gets blurred by the constant sea spray that peppers the sand dunes. I find myself always longing to drive to it's end and get lost in the never ending haze.


As I explored these beaches I felt this incredible sense of peace. I don't know if it was just the fresh air and stretching my legs or if I was something about be surrounded by this vastness of sand and ocean, that even though I was insignificant in scale, I felt significant by being there. I was able to capture this beauty with fractions in time through my camera and share it with others.   


I find the pull of social media and the constant wanting of more and achieving higher, is draining to the soul and it reaches a point that feels completely overwhelming. To have the freedom to access places like this and be free to rom and explore is truly a privilege that I think we can so often take for granted and when I get the opportunity to go and explore places like this is something I will never take for granted.



Izak Van Der Merwe